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Today was the Salem Chamber of Commerce Bizarre Bazaar (Biz Baz for short) and it was quite an amazing experience! Here I am set up at the incredible Creative Salem booth. Despite the typical rainy New England fall weather it ended up being a busy day.

This was the first time since college that I've publicly displayed my art, and the first time I've done a live art demo. I am so glad I did it! The response to my pieces was so encouraging, and I hope to have more oppotunities like this. It's definitely given me the courage to show off my work more and try to submit to some local shows.

For the demo I decided to not make another sugar skull and ended up starting another pattern piece. I've worked on it a bit more since the Biz Baz, and it's looking great! I'm estimating it will be done in about a month or two, so keep an eye out for it!

While I did not sell any pieces at the Biz Baz I ended the day with 6 new orders, bringing my current total up to 10, so I would call that a success!

Photo courtesy of John Andrews/Social Palates

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