Artrageous 29 - The Event


Last Saturday was Montserrat College of Art's annual auction Artrageous. I had one of my small pattern pieces in the Silent Auction, and the event was absolutely mind-blowing! There were so many more people than I was expecting, and it was great to see some old friends and teachers.


The Silent Auction was divided into multiple catagories, and of course mine was a part of the "repetition" area. We arrived 20 minutes after the event started and I was so excited to see a bid already on my piece! It was amazing to watch people get close to my pieec and discuss it, and then bid on it. I even watched a little bidding war going on over it!


By the time we left I had four bids on my pieec. The money becomes a donation to Montserrat, but it was great to get so much exposure! Such a great event, and I look forward to being part of it again in the future!

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