Horror Characters at Front Street Coffeehouse

For the month of October these bad boys will be hanging at Front Street Coffeehouse in Salem MA, for their Halloween themed art show. Salem in October is such a great time of year, and I'm excited to be a part of it again! Last year I vended at the Bizarre Bazaar, and while I don't have that opportunity again this year, it's great to be involved even in a small way.

It's even better because the pieces weren't even hanging for 24 hours before they all sold!

I'm so excited! The horror patches have been insanely popular, but I didn't think they would sell at all, so for all of them to be bought so quick was just astounding to me!

I truly love making these pieces, and running this little business, so when something like this happens it helps keep me encouraged, and keep me going.

Hope everyone has a wonderful fall, and a happy Halloween! Keep an eye out for even more horror movie characters!

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