Back at it

Good morning! Just a little update here, I am finally feeling back in the swing of things; the past 12 months just flew by! I am planning to be more active on my website, Facebook, and my Instagram again. For the month of October I will posting a horror patch everyday for my own little Countdown to Halloween! Throughout the year I am also planning to do more “themed” days such as Work in Progress Wednesdays and Flashback Fridays. Just my own way of being more active and keeping this business alive.

In other news, I’m happy to announce that I will be taking orders again! Thank you to everyone for your patience while we adjusted to life with our little one, and thank you to those who have been waiting for their orders for months. I am about halfway done with a large Gemini patch, and have two small orders to fill after that, one of which will be a new design! In the event I don’t have any orders to fill I have a ton of characters/design I’m dying to get started on, so hoping to keep up the steady pace of stitching! If there’s anything you’d been thinking about having a patch of please always feel free to message me, and I’ll get you in my order book!

As always, follow me on Facebook or Instagram @allisonwhtartist for faster updates!

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